Having a healthy set of teeth and gums isn’t that difficult if you know the basics and have the discipline to follow it through.  These guide will ensure oral health and overall wellness.

When you are suffering from poor oral health, chances are, your overall well-being will be affected including your future.  Living with pain, an infection, or broken teeth have a negative impact on how we live our lives on a daily basis.  Poor oral health makes eating difficult.  Pain can hamper work and can trigger frustration and emotional downturns.

According to research,  bacteria that thrive in the mouth can reach the bloodstream.  Debilitating conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and even a stroke can be triggered.  Even soon-to-be moms could possibly deliver babies with low birth weights.

Dental associations have issued guidelines on how to mitigate risks brought about by oral disease.

Make time for regular dental check-ups

When you drop by your dentist for a routine check-up and teeth cleaning, he will also examine you for possible signs of teeth, gum, and mouth disease.

Make a habit of cleaning your mouth regularly

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth, including your tongue two times a day.  Flossing can be done once daily.  These habits, when done consistently without fail helps remove bacteria and prevents the accumulation of plaque – the leading cause of tooth decay and poor gum health.

Eat and drink healthy

Eating and drinking healthy and nutritious food and beverages ensure overall bodily health including the teeth and gums.  Limit the intake of sugar and food or drinks that are acidic.  These harms the teeth most especially and may lead to serious dental conditions.

Do self-examination

It is so easy to check your mouth daily.  Based on studies, a huge percentage of individuals will get gum disease at some point in their adult lives.  So don’t rely entirely on your dentist.  Do a self-exam and check your mouth if you have gum disease.  If gums are unusually red, sensitive to touch, bleed easily or painful when brushing or flossing, it is possible that you might be suffering from gum disease.  The same goes with sensitive teeth.

Stop smoking tobacco

There are people who smoke or chew tobacco while ignoring their side effects on oral health.  Tarnished teeth, infected gums, and halitosis are just a few of the health hazards smoking or exposure to tobacco bring.  Long-term smoking can lead to cancer of the mouth, tongue, or lip, not to mention the onset of heart disease.

Proper care of your teeth and gums should be viewed as a lifelong commitment.  If you haven’t seriously cared for them, now is the best time to do so.  It is never too late to take small steps towards good oral health.

After all, good oral health and overall well being go together.  Oral health is wealth in every aspect.  Take good care of your teeth and gums and make it a priority.