A beautiful smile puts a certain glow on a person’s face.  But if a smile has been damaged due to illness or serious injury, that glow can easily be lost to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.  Whether you like it or not, a lot of people judge you off hand by your appearance.  Looks do matter, teeth included.  Fortunately, for people who have lost their tooth to some disease or injury, advanced dentistry is a boon.  Modern treatments nowadays are in use to restore your natural smile, making you whole again.

Partial dentures

It doesn’t take a whole set of teeth to compromise your smile.  Even a single missing tooth can affect the way you smile.  Gaps, especially the visible ones can draw the attention of the beholder.  Also, it can cause other teeth to misalign as they will tend to shift,  reacting to the space created.  The affected bone may also waste away due to tooth loss.  It is common for dentists to fill that gap to protect remaining teeth and to restore your natural smile.  Partial dentures or bridges are used to replace a lost tooth or adjacent teeth.  A bridge is an effective remedy in this case. It relies on adjacent healthy teeth on both sides, using them as anchors.   Bridges can be attached permanently or not and this already depends on the individual’s choice.  Aside from healthy teeth, dental implants can also help secure the bridge.


Advancements in dental technology and treatment make it possible for dentists to restore your original smile.  Techniques continue to improve, including quality of materials used.  Dental implants have been around for quite some time now, allowing the replacement of lost teeth with sturdy material.  They also function as a strong foundation for either partial or full denture.

Implants are integrated into an into an individual’s jaw.  This technique enhances bone preservation.  More important is that it restores the smile you thought you’ve lost permanently.

Total restoration

If you happen to suffer from a damaged smile,  be aware that it’s not the end.  Modern dentistry techniques can help restore what you have lost, including your natural smile.  Clinics offering custom made treatments can help even if the extent of damage or decay seem too deep.