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The Importance of Oral Health Among People Of All AgesFebruary 23, 2017 6:23 am

The Importance of Oral Health Among People Of All Ages

Dental health is all about taking care of your teeth and gums, making sure that the teeth are free of cavities and the gums free of any disease.  These are vital to maintaining a healthy mouth notwithstanding your age or condition in life.

Why healthy teeth is important

Taking care of your teeth isn’t purely for health reasons.  Healthy teeth have an impact on your physical appearance and self-confidence as well.  Cavities could aggravate existing health issues like diabetes and even lung disease.  If left untreated, cavities could lead to gum and mouth infections.   An ongoing research seeks to establish possible linkages between heart ailments and low birth rates with poor dental health.

How poor gums affect your health

Gum diseases are triggered by inflamed gum tissues and could lead to problems with bones that keeps the teeth in place.  The buildup of bacteria results to the production of plaque.  Plaque is colorless, sticky, and is formed by bacteria in the mouth.  Once this coats the teeth, it may harden and become quite difficult to remove with regular brushing.  Eventually, it could result in gum inflammation.

There are serious repercussions of an untreated gum disease.  It could lead to respiratory problems.  Bacteria from the plaque on the tooth enamel could find its way to the lungs and cause infections or worsen an already present lung ailment.


Why dental health is a must for all individuals

Children and oral health

Unhealthy teeth and gums among children have been linked to problems with sleep, behavior, and development.   Digesting food can be difficult too and this could hamper the intake of food for growth, development, and resistance to diseases.

Oral health and older adults

For older adults, it is a must that dental health is kept a priority.  The challenge is to maintain oral health despite their decreased capacity for self-care.  At this stage in their lives, some entirely depend on younger family members for their personal and dental health.  That is why caregivers should attend to their dental hygiene too, ensuring that infections are treated at the onset.

Dental health issues among smokers, diabetics, and women

An unhealthy lifestyle could affect dental health.  Studies have shown that smoking tobacco releases toxins that harm gum and mouth tissues.  It can also lead to tooth loss, damaged bones and oral cancer.

Individuals who suffer from diabetes are more prone to gum disease which could heighten the possibility of aggravating the condition.  Pregnant women who fail to prioritize oral hygiene may produce babies with low birth rates or may deliver earlier than scheduled.  These babies born preterm run the risk of having complications in growth and development.  While these are all subject to further studies, oral care among pregnant women should never be ignored.

Never underestimate the importance of dental health.  No matter what your age is or status in life, it is part and parcel of your overall health and well-being.

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