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The Role Of Parents In Their Kid’s Teeth And Gum HealthFebruary 23, 2017 3:36 am

The Role Of Parents In Their Kid’s Teeth And Gum Health

Caring for a child’s dental health should begin at a very young age.  A lot of dental practitioners suggest that the child’s first regular dental check-ups must begin even before his first birthday.  Moreover visits to the dentist allows parents, especially first-time ones, to ask for advice about specific concerns.

Training starts at home

Apart from bringing him to the dentist early on, parents should also begin cleaning the child’s gums with a baby washcloth or a small piece of gauze dipped in sterile water.  This is done after every feeding.

Brushing a child’s teeth should be done by parents or caregivers to make sure every tooth is cleaned, including the gums.  Do this until they are mature enough to do it properly.  Your dentist can help pick the right toothbrush and teach the correct technique.

Caring for baby teeth

Just like his permanent teeth, temporary teeth may be damaged or lost due to tooth decay.  Moreover, treatments can be painful for a young child and so with tooth loss due to decay.

While baby teeth will eventually fall off one by one as the child matures, they still play a vital role in ensuring oral health and thus should be given care and attention.  This is because they act as placeholders and are therefore critical to the growth of the permanent teeth.

Fluoride in correct amounts strengthens a young child’s teeth by preventing the growth of cavities and the onset of tooth decay.  In some regions, fluoride is added to their supply of drinking water.  It is good to ask the advice of a dentist whether or not supplements in the form of vitamins and fluoride are required for your child.

If you can’t avoid the sugar in milk formula and juices

Sugar content in babies’ milk formula has been a major concern for parents, dental health practitioners, and other sectors.  Never put your child to sleep and leave him sucking on a bottle of milk.  This habit should be totally avoided as some baby’s milk formula are laced with sugar.  Nevertheless, choose one that uses lactose as a sweetener.

Apart from milk formula, fruit juices also contain sugar so give water to a child after he takes milk or juice.

Preparing home-made snacks

As children start to go to school parents can’t be physically present to enforce rules about taking sugary snacks.  That is why preparing your child’s favorite snacks, the healthy but appetizing ones will help him ward off the desire to eat sugar-coated junk food.

Starting them young at practicing good dental health habits will help children realize later on the importance of good oral care.  Training kids to take good care of their teeth and gums early on in life will make it easier for them to carry on the good habit up until maturity.

Remember parents have a myriad of roles and maintaining your child’s dental health is a big part of it.

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